Architectural Design

Conceptual drawing, design project or pre-design concept - are all synonyms for architectural concept.

Construction of any building begins with development of architectural or urban design concept, which lays the foundations for a successful project: functional zoning, on-site placement of the building, scheme of transport and logistics, estimation of the right number of needed parking lots, and other urban parameters.

Floor plans, sections, elevations, and 3D visualization of a building or interior are devised within several iterations and always in consultations with the client.
Likewise, at this stage all building materials and technical equipment are agreed upon with the client.


Benefits for our clients?

We thoroughly study habits and behaviors of our buildings’ end-users, including technology and specificity of their work.

We have been working in Russia for the last 15 years. Because we have clear understanding of the mechanisms of the local real estate market, our designs often precede the demands of the market economy. We have full awareness of local mentality, as well as climate uniqueness and accessibility of building technologies. We know how our projects will generate revenue and receive additional capitalization for investors.

On account of the fact that our staff consists of structural as well as HVAC, electrical and WDP engineers, all vital engineering decisions are incorporated within the Architectural concept. All the way through the development of detailed working documentation, the object remains as confirmed by the client and visually unchanged.