Residential Multifamily
Interior Design
Residential complex "Nobel"Residential complex "Nobel"
Residential complex "Bering"Residential complex "Bering"
Reconception of the shopping mall "CUM"Reconception of the shopping mall "CUM"
Residential complex "Talan in Nizhnevartovsk"Residential complex "Talan in Nizhnevartovsk"
Shopping mall "Solnechniy gorod"Shopping mall "Solnechniy gorod"
Residential complex "Prityazhenie"Residential complex "Prityazhenie"
Retail park "Otrada"Retail park "Otrada"
Residential complex "Yuznoe Bunino"Residential complex "Yuznoe Bunino"
Residential complex ColdyResidential complex Coldy
Residential complex Ekodol'ye SholokhovoResidential complex Ekodol'ye Sholokhovo
Residential complex SerebricaResidential complex Serebrica
Shopping mall "GPZ"Shopping mall "GPZ"
Interior of Shopping centre "Solnechiny"Interior of Shopping centre "Solnechiny"
Residential towers " Ergom2etriсa™ " Residential towers " Ergom2etriсa™ "
Residence "Sady Meyendorf 93-3"Residence "Sady Meyendorf 93-3"
Shopping centre "Solnechniy"Shopping centre "Solnechniy"
Hotel "La Farandole", FranceHotel "La Farandole", France
Residence "Vimpel 3"Residence "Vimpel 3"
Residential complex "Tomilino"Residential complex "Tomilino"
Residential blocks " Ergom2etriсa™ "Residential blocks " Ergom2etriсa™ "
Shopping center reconception "Olymp"Shopping center reconception "Olymp"
Residence "Sady Meyendorf 113"Residence "Sady Meyendorf 113"
Residential area D2 "Skolkovo"Residential area D2 "Skolkovo"
Shopping centre "Tarko-Sale"Shopping centre "Tarko-Sale"
Apartments "Park Plaza"Apartments "Park Plaza"
Residence "Novoe Nikolino 925-929"Residence "Novoe Nikolino 925-929"
Shopping centre "Tema"Shopping centre "Tema"
Residence "Poluostrov"Residence "Poluostrov"
Shopping centre "Fakel"Shopping centre "Fakel"
Residence  "Crystal Istra 1000"Residence "Crystal Istra 1000"
Shopping centre "Amikan"Shopping centre "Amikan"
Restaurant "Le Sommelier Pinot Noir"Restaurant "Le Sommelier Pinot Noir"
Residential complex "Novospasky"Residential complex "Novospasky"
Residence "Rublyovo 51"Residence "Rublyovo 51"
Residence "Benilux 116"Residence "Benilux 116"
Shopping centre "Zhitomir"Shopping centre "Zhitomir"
Residence "Rybnoe"Residence "Rybnoe"
Hotel "Les Chardons", FranceHotel "Les Chardons", France
Нousing estate "Сrystal Istra"Нousing estate "Сrystal Istra"
Club house on Sretenka streetClub house on Sretenka street
Residential complex "Sibzavod"Residential complex "Sibzavod"
Affordable housing " Ergom2etriсa™ " Affordable housing " Ergom2etriсa™ "
Interior of Shopping centre "Lavanda Mall"Interior of Shopping centre "Lavanda Mall"
Residential complex "Yaroslavsky"Residential complex "Yaroslavsky"
Residence "Crystal Istra 015"Residence "Crystal Istra 015"
Townhouses "Zapadnaya dolina"Townhouses "Zapadnaya dolina"
Housing estate "Terehovo"Housing estate "Terehovo"
Shopping centre "Agrogorod"Shopping centre "Agrogorod"
Apartment in Moscow CityApartment in Moscow City
Domodedovo VIP loungeDomodedovo VIP lounge
Office building, Class AOffice building, Class A
Housing estate "Yuzhnaya dolina 4"Housing estate "Yuzhnaya dolina 4"
Residence "Sady Meyendorf 160"Residence "Sady Meyendorf 160"
Shopping complex "777"Shopping complex "777"
Residence in the Gulf of FinlandResidence in the Gulf of Finland
Residence "Vimpel 17-66"Residence "Vimpel 17-66"
Logistic complex "e-Zebra"Logistic complex "e-Zebra"
Townhouses "Ergom2etrica"Townhouses "Ergom2etrica"
BBQ pavilionBBQ pavilion
Residence "Benilux 179"Residence "Benilux 179"
Shopping centre "Parus"Shopping centre "Parus"
Mini-hotel "Aerohotel"Mini-hotel "Aerohotel"
Office building "Ankor"Office building "Ankor"
Нousing estate "Santora"Нousing estate "Santora"
Residential complex "Westland"Residential complex "Westland"
Residence "Riita"Residence "Riita"
Shopping centre "Pavlovo Podvorye"Shopping centre "Pavlovo Podvorye"
Residence "Millenium Park 6-58"Residence "Millenium Park 6-58"
Shopping mall "River mall"Shopping mall "River mall"
Housing estate "Kozenki"Housing estate "Kozenki"
Residence "Nikolskaya Sloboda 60"Residence "Nikolskaya Sloboda 60"
Residence "Millenium Park K"Residence "Millenium Park K"
Residence "Mozzhinka"Residence "Mozzhinka"
Garden pavilion "Millenium Park 6-58"Garden pavilion "Millenium Park 6-58"
Housing estate "Ruchy"Housing estate "Ruchy"
Residence "Chelyabinsk"Residence "Chelyabinsk"
Garden pavilion "Crystal Istra 109"Garden pavilion "Crystal Istra 109"
Residence "Crystal Istra 111"Residence "Crystal Istra 111"
Garden pavilion "Crystal Istra 111"Garden pavilion "Crystal Istra 111"
Нousing estate "Divorex"Нousing estate "Divorex"
Residence "Nikolskaya Sloboda 18"Residence "Nikolskaya Sloboda 18"
Residence "Nikolskaya Sloboda 108-2"Residence "Nikolskaya Sloboda 108-2"
Residence "Crystal Istra 1"Residence "Crystal Istra 1"
Residence "Crystal istra 2"Residence "Crystal istra 2"
Residence "Crystal Istra 3"Residence "Crystal Istra 3"
Residence "Crystal Istra 4"Residence "Crystal Istra 4"
Нousing estate "Druzhba"Нousing estate "Druzhba"
Residence "Crystal Istra 7"Residence "Crystal Istra 7"
Equestrian Sports Complex "Ruchy" Equestrian Sports Complex "Ruchy"
Residence "Crystal Istra 8"Residence "Crystal Istra 8"
Residence "Crystal Istra 9"Residence "Crystal Istra 9"
Residence "Crystal Istra 10"Residence "Crystal Istra 10"
Business centre "Kuncevo city"Business centre "Kuncevo city"
Residence "Razdori"Residence "Razdori"