Development of Project documentation (Stage P)

We offer the development of all chapters of the «Project Documentation» with acquiring of permits at State Expertise, in accordance with the regulations of PRF No. 87 dated February 16, 2008 and No. 235 dated April 13, 2010 in full compliance with SNIP and other normative documents of the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, we develop “Detailed Masterplan (PPT)” with acquiring of permits at State Expertise.

For the implementation of non-standard projects (atriums, fire divisions bigger then 3000 sqm such as required for supermarkets, 2 and more underground levels, elevators going directly to the underground parking etc.), we can offer development of “Special Technical Regulations” (STU) with sequential approvals at Supervisory department of Emergency Situations Ministry and Ministry of Regional development.


Benefits for our clients?

A correctly elaborated STU provides major economy in engineering systems, since each fire compartment should have autonomous engineering systems. In order to optimize the cost of constriction solutions it is necessary to developed several concepts of constriction and compare the costs of materials, qualified work and the subsequent finishing.

In cases of acquisition of permits at Non-state Expertise, during the Stage “P” development, we attend multiple consultations and endorsements with Non-state expertise inspectors. In this manner, we manage to obtain construction permits two to three months earlier than in regular procedures followed by other firms.