Local Architects in Russia

We support foreign design companies on Russian market as local architects in all 3 design stages:

- Concept design
- Stage P
- Working documentation

Russian norms can be significantly different in various regions and settings, especially in a field of fire protection, norms of urban zoning and regulations, and specific requirements for multifunctional buildings such as those related to: insolation calculations, progressive collapse calculations, fire protection calculations, terroristic risks calculations and others.

We have a great experience in supporting foreign architects in Russia in "online" mode. All of our employees are fluent both in Russian and English languages and in their daily schedule will agree with you on all important design decisions. We guaranty that external appearance will not be distorted in the process of "Russification".


Benefits for our clients?

You will not be limited only to Concept design and Interior Design. We can consult and support you in Concept design stage, so it can be developed according Russian norms.

Working together on Stage P and Working documentation we give you an opportunity to stay involved in your design and avoid all unexpected changes that investor can make in subsequent stages.