Working Documentation Development

We have the knowledge needed for the development of Working documentation and we are always eager to undertake the most demanding of projects. Additionally, we have extensive experience in designing and building simultaneously. If needed, we can adjust accepted design & engineering decisions according to the technology that is accessible to the General Contractor.

If development of Working documentation is based on “Stage P” done by other companies, we start with our own audit of economic efficiency of design solutions.If required, we may be able to optimize in-project solutions, and re-acquire permits at the State Expertise in the necessary chapters of a project.


Benefits for our clients?

Strict adherence to deadlines for the issuance of working documentation. In order to schedule and manage the design processes, we utilize "MS Project" software. It allows quick and complete synchronization within overall management of construction process, and allows for timely acquiring of building materials and necessary technical equipment.

Optimization of project solutions considering their cost-benefit relation, or the pace of construction processes.

Long-term experience in designing and building simultaneously.